Thanks for keeping me in business....

Do you ever feel like there are obstacles in your way?? 🥴

Like something unmentionable trying to fuck up your career! 😆

I never thought a few months or even weeks ago that I’d have had a busy weekend like this one for a long time yet. It felt so good to have what felt like a normal, busy weekend of work.😊

I really love what I do. But more so than that, I love my clients. I love the random conversations that we have while I paint your face. 😂

I love the reaction at the end when you’re pleased with the makeup. You feel good - I feel good. 😍

Yesterday & Friday were such positive days. Good vibes, great clients & great chats!!!☺️

I’m so grateful I get to do this job, even as inconsistent as it is at the moment, I’m glad I do what I do. But I’m no one without my clients so thank you for sticking around and letting me do your makeup!!! 💓

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