Me & Bride to be!

This may sound bonkers but there has to be a spark between me and my brides to be. Not the kind of spark between herself and the other half, LOL!!! I just think its so important that there's a connection and a trust built between the two of us.

The makeup you wear on your wedding day is the most important makeup look you'll ever wear. Its something you'll look back on for the rest of your life so it needs to be perfect. Communication is key, sometimes there may need to be more than one trial as it can be hard to verbalise what it is you truly want your makeup to look like.

Having a good relationship with your makeup artist will put you at ease and allow you to be open and honest about what you like/don't like. It's important that we trust each other to create a look that best suits you. It's all about you, the bride and what you want but also trust that I will guide you to what will suit or work best for the day.

I honestly LOVE doing bridal makeup. Its so lovely to be apart of such a wonderful day. It's the only time you have on the day to sit, relax and just enjoy being pampered. Its just as important for me as it is for you that we get along.

Looking forward to getting back to some form of normality after COVID-19 and meeting all my future brides. Exciting times ahead!

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