So I wanted to make this post in keeping with my Instagram takeover with @duoirelandl later today and talk about simple changes you can make to help our lovely little planet.

Just advising simple everyday changes that we can all make to help the environment.

There’s a lot of waste with my job so I try to cut back as much as possible with single use plastics within my job and especially in my personal life. For example using the @iso_clean biodegradable disposables and using their refill system.

At home I use the reusable makeup remover pads pads for cleansing my skin instead of cotton pads. You actually save so much money too because I used to go through those babies like craaaazy cleaning my face.

I also use bamboo cotton buds instead of plastic ones also available in @duoireland

If we all make one change in our everyday lives it can have such a huge impact.

Use a refill water bottle instead of buying a plastic one.

Use a reusable mug instead of buying disposable coffee cup.

All I’m saying is if we all have our one or two plastic free swaps then we’ll be living in a much cleaner environment and leaving a much better world for future generations.....

Link in bio for 10% off isoclean


I have a highlights “♻️” showing the damage plastic does to our environment on my Instagram account.

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